Celebrating Excellence in Our Gymnastics Community!

We are excited to announce that it’s time to celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions within our gymnastics community! The Independent Gymnastics Association is proud to host our first awards ceremony, honouring the incredible clubs, coaches, tutors, and judges who make our community vibrant and inspiring. This year, we need your help to recognise the remarkable individuals and teams who have made a significant impact. Your nomination will help us celebrate those who exemplify dedication, excellence, and community spirit. Below are the categories for which you can cast your nomination:

This award is dedicated to individuals or groups who have made a positive impact within the IGA community. Whether through volunteer work, community engagement, or inspiring others, these nominees embody the spirit of unity and support.

Newcomer Award

Celebrating the fresh talent in our midst, the Newcomer Award honours those who have recently joined the IGA community and already made a significant impact. These individuals or groups have shown outstanding potential and enthusiasm in their early stages of involvement.

Education Excellence Award

This award recognizes tutors who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill in educating our community. Their commitment to fostering learning and growth among gymnasts, coaches, and fellow tutors is truly commendable.

Judge of the Year – North

We honour the judge from the northern region who has shown exemplary fairness, skill, and dedication in their role. Their contributions ensure the integrity and success of our competitions.

Judge of the Year – South

Similar to the northern counterpart, this award celebrates the outstanding judge from the southern region. Their expertise and commitment to the sport are invaluable to our community.

Coach of the Year – North

This award is for the exceptional coach from the northern region who has demonstrated unparalleled dedication, mentorship, and success in guiding their athletes to new heights.

Coach of the Year – South

Recognizing the incredible coaching talent in the southern region, this award honors a coach whose passion and skill have significantly contributed to their athletes’ achievements and overall growth.

How to Nominate

Nominating  is simple and open to all members of the IGA community.
Follow these steps to cast your vote:
  1. Visit our nomination page:
  2. Select your nominees: Choose one nominee per category.
  3. Submit your nominations: Make sure to review your selections before submitting.



Voting Start Date

Voting will be open from 1st September. Every vote counts, so don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the heroes of our gymnastics community!

Join Us for the Awards Ceremony

Mark your calendars for 16th November as we come together to celebrate the winners. The ceremony will be held at Aspects (National Memorial Arboretum, and all are welcome to attend. Let’s make this a night to remember, filled with recognition, celebration, inspiration and of course FOOD!

Exciting News! Tickets for the awards ceremony are now available for coaches, club administrators, judges, welfare officers etc. to book. Secure your spot to join us for an evening of celebration and community spirit.


How to Book Your Tickets

  1. Visit our ticket booking page: You will find this on your JustGo accounts under Events.
  2. Complete your booking: Fill in the required details and confirm your booking.

Don’t wait, book your tickets today to ensure you’re part of this special night!

We thank you for your participation and look forward to honoring the extraordinary individuals who make the IGA community exceptional. Together, let’s recognize and celebrate the dedication and passion that drive our sport forward.