Are you ready to take your gymnastics club to the next level?

Joining the Independent Gymnastics Association (IGA) opens up a world of opportunities for your club and its members. Whether you’re looking to connect with like-minded clubs, access valuable coaching resources, or participate in exciting competitions and events, IGA is here to support you every step of the way. Joining IGA is simple—just follow the steps below to register your club and become part of our dynamic gymnastics community.

If you would like to speak a member of our team directly, you can email us at and we can schedule a call with you.

Let’s elevate your club’s gymnastics journey together with IGA!


Calling all gymnastics clubs! If you're interested in becoming a part of the Independent Gymnastics Association (IGA) and joining our vibrant community, we invite you to register your club with us today. By joining IGA, you'll gain access to a network of fellow clubs, coaching resources, and exciting opportunities for your gymnasts. Registering your club is quick and easy—simply click the link below to begin the process. We look forward to welcoming you to the IGA family and embarking on this gymnastics journey together!


What's included in your affiliation?

Our club affiliation package includes high-level coverage of gymnastics insurance, ensuring peace of mind for your coaches, athletes, and staff. You'll also have opportunities to participate in exciting competitions held across the UK and Ireland, providing a platform for your gymnasts to showcase their skills and achievements. Additionally, IGA offers a variety of courses and workshops to help develop and refine coaching abilities. As part of our community, you'll have the chance to collaborate and network with like-minded individuals, fostering growth and innovation within the gymnastics industry. Our dedicated administrative team is here to provide support and guidance whenever you need it, along with a specialised safeguarding team committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants.

What do I need to sign up?

To sign up for affiliation with the Independent Gymnastics Association (IGA), clubs must meet certain criteria to ensure the highest standards of coaching and safety for all participants. We require coaches to hold a minimum of a Level 2 qualification in the discipline they will be working with, demonstrating proficiency and expertise in their respective areas. Additionally, clubs must appoint a designated welfare officer who will oversee safeguarding policies and procedures. It is essential that all staff members possess an up-to-date Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, safeguarding certificate, and first aid certification to ensure the well-being and protection of everyone involved in the club. By meeting these requirements, clubs demonstrate their commitment to professionalism, safety, and excellence in gymnastics coaching and administration.

How can we manage our club?

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with JustGo, an innovative online membership portal that’s all about convenience and empowerment! This partnership is all about making your gymnastics experience smoother, more accessible, and simply awesome. Our online portal is dedicated to gymnasts, clubs and coaches. As a club administrator you will have access to your club profile, where you can renew members, add new members, and ensure your coaches and gymnasts have up to date insurance.

Do you recognise other qualifications?

Yes, we recognise all qualifications including oversea’s qualifications. We also make the upload process very simple. You just need to upload your proof of qualification to your account and our team will approve it and convert it into an IGA Qualification.

Bulk Membership - What is it?

The Bulk Membership option has been brought in by Independent Gymnastics (IGA) to give clubs a reduced admin option for non-competitive gymnasts that don’t enter IGA Regional or IGA National organised events by IGA.

Gymnasts registered via the Bulk Membership option, will still receive the benefits of the included insurance, but will receive a reduced membership fee based on the number of gymnasts being registered. They will not receive their own membership profile with their own unique membership number.

Clubs MUST keep accurate records of participants attending sessions as they may need to provide further details in the event of a claim.

How does Bulk Membership differ from Full Gymnast membership?

Those who are registered through bulk membership will not hold Full Gymnast membership and would not be eligible to enter any IGA Regional or IGA National competitions organised by IGA.

Gymnasts who are registered under bulk membership but wish to enter an IGA Regional or IGA National competition would need to upgrade to Full Gymnast membership. There is a small fee for this upgrade.

Applying for Bulk Membership

Bulk membership is charged in brackets based on the number of gymnasts you are registering.

1 – 100 gymnasts – £15.99 per gymnast

101 – 250 gymnasts – £15.49 per gymnast

251 – 500 gymnasts – £14.99 per gymnast

501 + gymnasts – £14.49 per gymnast


To comply with the insurance requirements which enable us to offer Bulk Membership clubs MUST submit a list of gymnast’s names and DOB of those being registered under the Bulk Membership option. Clubs must register each new gymnast and cannot change the details of someone who has left for a new gymnast.

Clubs wishing to register gymnasts under the Bulk Membership option can purchase this scheme through our IGA Online store, enter the number of gymnasts that you wish to affiliate and pay online or you can request an invoice. Please send your Bulk membership list to: 


Once payment has been received and the Bulk Membership list and a payment confirmation will be uploaded to the club profile (accessible via club admins). Should payment not be received those registered under the Bulk Membership option will not be covered until payment is received.


Upgrade a Bulk Membership gymnast

To upgrade a gymnast who has been registered under the Bulk Membership option, clubs will need to contact IGA either by emailing

Those registered under the Bulk Membership option will not have their own profile on the IGA portal, to begin the process you will either need to provide us with the Name and Date of Birth of the gymnast wishing to have upgraded membership. You will then need to provide us with an email address. This can either be an email address for the gymnast/parent/guardian or it can be the email address for the club.


With the information provided, a member of the IGA team, will generate a profile for the gymnast on the portal and add an upgrade membership, an invoice for the upgrade will then be sent to the club.


Bulk Membership upgrade fees

The upgrade fee from Bulk Member to Full Gymnast Member will be based on the number of gymnasts.

1 – 100 gymnasts – £1.00 per gymnast

101 – 250 gymnasts – £1.50 per gymnast

251 – 500 gymnasts – £2.00 per gymnast

501 + gymnasts – £2.50 per gymnast


Conditions of Bulk Membership

  1. Clubs MUST register ALL gymnasts either under Bulk Membership or “Full” gymnast membership and keep accurate records. IGA and our insurers (Marsh Sport) reserve the right to view membership records at any time.

  2. When registering members under Bulk Membership clubs MUST provide the full name and date of birth of the gymnast this can be provided on a spreadsheet, PDF or CSV files.

  3. Bulk Membership is ONLY for gymnasts that don’t enter IGA Regional or IGA National competitions organised by IGA. Other Internal club competitions, Invitationals, friendlies are all accepted under this scheme.

  4. New gymnasts joining the Bulk Membership scheme cannot replace someone who has left the club.

  5. All classes MUST be run by an appropriately qualified coach and must follow IGA policies.

When is your insurance year?

Our membership year currently runs from 1st September through to the 30th October, Signing up in September gives all new members an extra month free! We also lower membership fee’s half way through the year.

Do you have membership rules?

Yes, we do have membership rules that must be followed as an affiliated club.  You can view our policy below:

Membership Rules V1.3