Men’s gymnastics is a dynamic and exhilarating discipline that encompasses a wide range of athletic feats and skills. It typically includes six apparatus: floor exercise, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bar. Male gymnasts demonstrate strength, agility, flexibility, and precision as they perform intricate routines characterised by explosive power and graceful execution.

Men’s gymnastics is experiencing a significant expansion and growth within IGA, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and diversity within the sport. As we continue to develop and diversify our offerings, men’s gymnastics has emerged as a focal point of our organisation. With a renewed emphasis on providing opportunities for male gymnasts to excel, we have expanded our coaching programs, competition structures, and resources to cater to their specific needs and interests. Through our concerted efforts, we are witnessing a surge in participation and enthusiasm among male gymnasts of all ages, laying the foundation for a vibrant and thriving men’s gymnastics community within IGA. We are excited to see this momentum continue to build as we work towards creating an even more inclusive and dynamic gymnastics landscape for all.