Gymnastics for All (GFA), often classified as recreational gymnastics, stands as an inclusive platform catering to all enthusiasts of the sport. At IGA, we firmly believe in providing avenues for individuals of all ages and skill levels to engage with gymnastics.

GFA offers a welcoming environment where participants can not only enjoy the physical and mental benefits of gymnastics but also pursue their personal goals at their own pace. In addition to our proficiency award schemes designed to recognize and celebrate individual achievements, GFA participants have the exciting opportunity to showcase their skills in our GFA competitions. These events foster camaraderie, sportsmanship, and a sense of accomplishment, regardless of one’s level of experience.

As an organisation committed to the holistic development of gymnasts, we recognise the importance of continually offering diverse opportunities under the GFA discipline. By doing so, we ensure that every gymnast, regardless of background or ability, has the chance to thrive and find joy in the sport they love.

IGA Badges & Certificates

At IGA, we are dedicated to recognising and celebrating the achievements of our gymnasts through our Proficiency Award Scheme. As part of this initiative, we offer the opportunity to purchase badges and certificates that align with our award levels. These badges and certificates serve as tangible symbols of accomplishment and provide our gymnasts with a sense of pride in their progress. To make it convenient for our members, these items can be easily purchased through our online shop in packs of 10, allowing families to commemorate their gymnast’s milestones with ease. We strive to provide efficient and reliable shipping services to our valued customers.
We have partnered with Royal Mail for our shipping services. Orders are collected by Royal Mail every Thursday. They are then delivered via special delivery, aiming for delivery by 1pm the next day.

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Bulk Membership

At IGA, we understand the importance of providing flexible membership options to support gymnastics clubs and their diverse needs. That’s why we’re excited to offer a discounted bulk membership option specifically designed for gymnasts who may not participate in IGA competitions. With this option, clubs can sign up multiple gymnasts at once, enjoying significant savings as the number of members increases. Our goal is to help clubs thrive by offering affordable membership solutions tailored to their unique circumstances. To learn more about our price tiers and explore how our memberships can benefit your club, please visit shop. We’re committed to supporting clubs in remaining open and ensuring that every gymnast has the opportunity to pursue their passion for gymnastics.

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GFA Coaching Courses

At IGA, we take pride in offering specialised coaching courses tailored to Gymnastics for All (GFA), catering to individuals eager to enhance their recreational coaching teams. Our comprehensive courses are designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively lead and inspire gymnasts of all levels in a fun and inclusive environment. Book onto a course today!


GFA Competitions

At IGA, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to experience the thrill of gymnastics competition. That's why we're proud to host Gymnastics for All (GFA) competitions designed to be inclusive and accessible to all. Our GFA competitions provide a platform for children of all ages and abilities to showcase their skills, build confidence, and celebrate their achievements in a supportive and encouraging environment.