Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) is a dynamic and expressive discipline within the gymnastics community, and we are committed to supporting gymnasts at every stage of their journey, from beginners dedicating up to 4 hours a week to training to those investing more time in honing their skills.

Our comprehensive competition pathway and structure are designed to accommodate all levels of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, ensuring that every gymnast, regardless of their starting point, has the opportunity to progress and develop. Our goal is to foster the growth of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics through a foundation of fun, positive learning experiences, and consistent encouragement. By offering tailored support and opportunities, we aim to nurture a gymnastics community where every gymnast can thrive, celebrate their achievements, and pursue their passion for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

IGA Coaching Courses

IGA have an extensive coaching course programme dedicated to WAG, Our courses start at Level 1 through to Level 5 with expert-led Tutors. You can view our WAG syllabus here!


IGA Competitions

We host a variety of competitions for our WAG Programme including Gems Grades, Levels and Invitationals. You can view our latest events right here!


Women's Artistic Updates

We’re excited to be hosting our IGA competitions at new venues for 2025 including our latest partnership with AcroPAD, who will be working with us this Summer to provide the ultimate Invitational.

WAG Technical Comittee

South Competition Organiser: Poppy Smith

North Competition Organiser: Helene Cook

Contact for IGA Competitions: