Welcome to the exciting world of Acro and Tumbling! This dynamic discipline combines strength, flexibility, and agility to create captivating routines that showcase the incredible athleticism of our athletes. In Acro, gymnasts work in pairs or groups to perform a series of synchronised acrobatic elements, incorporating balance, dynamic throws, and intricate partner skills. Tumbling, on the other hand, focuses on the exhilarating art of flipping and twisting, with gymnasts showcasing their aerial prowess through powerful tumbling passes and gravity-defying maneuvers. Whether it’s mastering gravity-defying flips or executing perfectly synchronised balances, Acro and Tumbling offer a thrilling blend of athleticism, teamwork, and creativity that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.


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The term applied to a competition routine in which competitors must demonstrate strength, flexibility, agility, static holds, mounts, and motions.


The term applied to a competition routine in which competitors must demonstrate the ability to initiate, assist, interrupt, and stop flight.


The term applied to a competition routine in which competitors must demonstrate the characteristics of both balanced and dynamic routines.


Usually the smaller partner of a pair, and the smallest of a group, that balances on their partner(s) or is the main flier in a dynamic exercise.

Acro Competitions

Our Acro & Tumbling competitions are in full swing, led by our dedicated Sports Acro Technical Committee. From regional qualifiers to the highly anticipated National Event, we're thrilled to witness our talented Acro gymnasts in action. If your club is eager to join the excitement and showcase their skills, don't hesitate to reach out to our competitions team at We can't wait to welcome you to the thrilling world of Acro & Tumbling competitions!


Acro Courses

At IGA, we offer top-notch Acro Coaching courses led by renowned tutors with extensive experience at the highest levels, including world championships. These courses are an invaluable opportunity not to be overlooked. Whether you're considering expanding your club to include Acrobatics or simply looking to enhance your coaching skills, we're here to provide the support and expertise you need. Don't miss out on this fantastic chance to elevate your coaching and take your club to new heights!