Our Commitment to Safe Sport

IGA’s commitment to creating a Safe Sport environment is commendable and reflects a dedication to the well-being and safety of all participants in gymnastics. The key elements of their approach, including the development of a Safe Sport Framework, are essential in fostering a culture of safety, respect, and inclusivity within the sport. Here are some important aspects highlighted in their commitment:

  1. Welfare and Safety: Prioritising the welfare, safety, and rights of every participant is fundamental. This commitment ensures that everyone involved in gymnastics can pursue their passion in a secure and supportive environment.
  2. Safe Sport Framework: The development of a Safe Sport Framework provides a clear and comprehensive guide for IGA’s vision and commitment to Safe Sport. Such frameworks help outline policies, education, and advocacy initiatives to strengthen the sport’s administration and delivery.
  3. Policy Initiatives: Establishing and enforcing policies that address misconduct, abuse, and inappropriate behaviour within the sport is essential for maintaining a safe environment.
  4. Education: Providing education and training for athletes, coaches, officials, and administrators is crucial. This helps raise awareness about safe sport practices, reporting mechanisms, and appropriate conduct.
  5. Advocacy: Advocating for Safe Sport within the gymnastics community and beyond is important. It ensures that everyone involved understands the importance of creating a respectful and welcoming environment.
  6. Community Collaboration: Collaborating with the gymnastics community is vital to ensure that the principles of Safe Sport are embraced and practiced at all levels of the sport.
  7. Joy in Pursuit of Excellence: Ultimately, the goal is to create an environment where all participants can find joy in their pursuit of excellence. This highlights the positive and fulfilling aspects of the sport.

IGA’s commitment to Safe Sport reflects a broader movement within sports organisations to prioritise the well-being and safety of athletes and participants. It sets a positive example for other organisations and contributes to a culture of safety and respect within gymnastics.



IGA’s Safe Sport Framework, built upon the structures of Policy, Education, and Advocacy, represents a holistic and comprehensive approach to promoting safety, inclusivity, and respect within the gymnastics community. Let’s delve into each pillar:

Expected Behaviour: Policies establish clear expectations for behaviour, ensuring that all individuals associated with IGA understand the standards of conduct and safety that are expected.


Guiding Decision-Making: Policies serve as guidelines for decision-making, helping administrators, coaches, officials, and participants make informed choices that prioritise the well-being of all involved.


Accountability: Policies promote accountability by providing a framework for addressing misconduct, abuse, and inappropriate behaviour. They outline consequences for those who violate the established standards.

Knowledge Enhancement: Education initiatives aim to enhance knowledge about Safe Sport practices, including recognising signs of abuse and understanding how to report concerns.


Reasoning and Judgment: Education fosters critical thinking and judgment, empowering individuals to make ethical and responsible decisions in the gymnastics community.


Positive Interactions: Education activities promote positive interactions and practices, ensuring that everyone involved in gymnastics interacts in ways that are respectful, inclusive, and supportive.

Awareness Creation: Advocacy initiatives create awareness about IGA’s Safe Sport vision and principles, ensuring that the community understands the importance of safety and inclusivity.


Inspiration: Advocacy inspires individuals to actively embrace and promote Safe Sport values, both within their local gymnastics communities and on a broader scale.


Promotion: Advocacy efforts actively promote IGA’s Safe Sport principles in all aspects of the sport, from local programs to national and international activities.

These structures collectively reinforce IGA’s commitment to creating a culture of safety and respect within gymnastics. By implementing policies, providing education, and advocating for Safe Sport, IGA is taking a comprehensive and proactive approach to ensuring the well-being and rights of all participants.



The broad topic areas falling under IGA’s Safe Sport Framework are comprehensive and encompass key aspects of creating a safe and inclusive gymnastics environment. Each of these areas plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being and protection of all participants. Here’s a breakdown of these areas:

  1. Abuse Prevention and Response:
    • Preventing Harm: Implementing measures and awareness programs to prevent all forms of harm and misconduct within the gymnastics community.
    • Identifying Misconduct: Equipping individuals with the skills to recognise potential misconduct and providing guidance on how to respond and report such incidents.
    • Complaint Handling and Discipline: Establishing clear and fair procedures for handling complaints and disciplinary actions when misconduct is substantiated.
    • Supporting Positive Practices: Promoting positive and ethical practices in all gymnastics environments to foster a culture of respect and safety.
  2. Equity and Inclusion:
    • Fair Treatment: Ensuring that all individuals are treated fairly and without discrimination, irrespective of their background, identity, or status.
    • Purposeful Inclusion: Actively promoting the inclusion of individuals from diverse backgrounds and abilities, making gymnastics accessible to all.
  3. Health and Wellness:
    • Physical Well-Being: Supporting the physical health and safety of participants, including injury prevention and management.
    • Psychological and Emotional Well-Being: Providing resources and guidance to support the psychological and emotional welfare of individuals in the gymnastics community.
    • Social Well-Being: Creating an environment that fosters positive social interactions and relationships among participants.
  4. Risk Management:
    • Recruitment: Implementing procedures for the recruitment of coaches, officials, and volunteers, including background checks and screening.
    • Screening and Orientation: Ensuring that all individuals involved in gymnastics programs undergo appropriate screening and orientation processes.

These topic areas collectively address the multifaceted aspects of Safe Sport, from prevention and response to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment. By focusing on these areas, IGA is taking a comprehensive approach to protect and promote the well-being of all participants in gymnastics.