‘Inspirational’ founder of Bristol Hawks Gymnastics dies aged 90

IGA is truly sorry to hear about the passing of Michael May, the founder of Bristol Hawks Gymnastics. It’s clear that he made a significant and positive impact on both his community and the gymnastics world. His dedication and kindness have left a lasting legacy, and it’s heartwarming to hear how he changed so many lives for the better. Our condolences go out to his family and all those who were touched by his inspirational presence. He will be remembered with great respect and fondness by many.

Mr. May and his wife’s journey in gymnastics is truly remarkable, from their initial venture in Devon to their eventual establishment of Bristol Hawks Gymnastics. The fact that their dedication endured even after facing the devastating setback of a fire shows their resilience and commitment to the sport. It’s also inspiring to learn that all three of their children represented Great Britain in gymnastics, with their youngest son James May reaching the pinnacle of the sport by becoming an Olympian in Barcelona in 1992. Their legacy in the world of gymnastics and their impact on their own family is truly remarkable and will be remembered with great admiration.

The recognition of the May family with an Honorary Rushmoor Rose Bowl in 2014 for their services to gymnastics is a well-deserved honor. It’s evident that Mike May’s contributions and the impact of his family on Bristol Hawks Gymnastics have been immeasurable. The heartfelt words from Bristol Hawks Gymnastics reflect the profound gratitude and admiration that their gym family holds for Mike’s kindness, compassion, and bravery. His legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire and benefit the gymnastics community for years to come.

‘Inspirational’ founder of Bristol Hawks Gymnastics dies aged 90 – BBC News