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Competition Entry Fees

Entry fees for all gymnastics competitions in the 2022/2023 competition year will be £10.00 per apparatus. E.G if a gymnast is competing on 4 different pieces of equipment this would be a fee of £40.00

Spectator Fees

Spectator fees will Entry fees for all gymnastics competitions in 2022/2023 is £7.50 + Eventbrite booking fee for regular spectator tickets and £5.50+ Eventbrite booking fee for concession tickets (U14s & O65s) and free for those under 3. To make the process easier for booking spectator tickets, these will now be booked via our dedicated IGA Eventbrite page. Spectator tickets will go on sale once the competition programme has been published which will be approximately 12 days after entries have closed.

Affiliated Club competitions

We have been advised by our insurers, that we should now be sanctioning competitions run by our affiliated clubs. This is so that should there be any need of a claim, we can confirm that we have been notified of the competition.

If you are running an invitational/ inter-club competition, please let us know we will then sanction the event add the details to our calendar to help advertise it for you.


IAIGC Competitions

For many years now, at IGA we have extended our included insurance to cover the USAIGC/IAIGC competitions taking place here in the UK.

We have done this despite IGA not being recognised as an international body for them. As USAIGC/IAIGC do not cover their own events in the UK and we wanted to ensure that our affiliated competitors are covered while taking part.

As we have been advised by our insurers, that we must be sanctioning events, we are unable to do this for events run under the banner of other organisations, especially when no recognition/partnership exists.

We have attempted to contact USAIGC/IAIGC to discuss how we may be able to move forward together and to ensure that competitors are covered, unfortunately we have had no success.

It is with regret that from the start of the 22/23 membership year, we will no longer be able to extend our coverage to include events being run on behalf of other organisations.              

We do hope to be able to open a dialogue with USAIGC/IAIGC where we can possibly be recognised as an international body for them, and hopefully be able to reinstate coverage for their events.

We fully understand that this will be disappointing to those who compete in their competitions, but we hope you understand why we are unable to extend coverage to events which are not part of our organisation.




Please Note

  • Unless stated otherwise, competition entries will open 6 weeks prior to the event and close 4 weeks before. Entries submitted outside of these times will not be accepted.

  • All entries will close at midnight on the Sunday 4 weeks before.

  • Entries will be strictly limited to 200 gymnasts, and entries will close once the maximum number of entries has been reached.

  • Should the maximum number of entries be reach a waiting list will become available. Any spaces that become available, those on the list will be notified.

  • All entries are submitted and purchased via the events section of the IGA portal.

  • Spectator tickets will no longer be sold on the door, and must be purchased in advanced via the IGA Eventbrite page. Those without pre-booked tickets will be refused entry.

  • Covid precautions will be in place for competitions.

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