Celebrating Success at the First Gems Grades in the South!

This past weekend marked a milestone for us as we hosted our very first Gems Grades event in the South, and the experience was nothing short of extraordinary!

Witnessing incredible performances from each gymnast was truly inspiring, and we’re proud to announce that every participant passed with flying colours! A heartfelt thank you goes out to our dedicated gymnasts for their hard work and dedication, not forgetting to mention the coaches, taking on a new programme is sometimes daunting for coaches and clubs, yet every coach and club showed true sportsmanship and dedication to the new set up.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the competition organisers whose meticulous planning and execution made this event possible. To the judges, your expertise and commitment in taking on the challenge of evaluating the first Gems Grades did not go unnoticed – thank you for ensuring fairness and excellence.

A special shoutout to Carterton for graciously hosting us and providing fabulous hospitality that added to the positive atmosphere throughout the event. Your warm welcome made a significant impact on our gymnasts and their families.

Last but not least, a big thank you to DE Photo for capturing the essence of the event through incredible photographs. Your skilful lens immortalised the dedication, passion, and joy of our gymnasts. You can purchase your Photo’s here: [Code: iga]

Here’s to the success of the first Gems Grades in the South and the wonderful community that came together to make it a memorable occasion. Stay tuned for more exciting gymnastics milestones ahead!