Female Gymnast on Balance Beam


IGA is an independent body for the sport of Gymnastics in the UK. We provide low cost membership (with included insurance) to those offering and participating in Gymnastics. We cater to the recreational side of the sport; but seek to promote the sport as a whole.


We provide:

  • Low cost membership (with included insurance) to Clubs, Coaches and Gymnasts across the country

  • Competitions, giving gymnasts of all levels the opportunity to compete in a fun and friendly environment

  • Coaching Courses, allowing coaches to develop and further their careers.

Disciplines covered under our membership include:Gymnastics for all, Trampolining, Cheerleading, Women gymnastics, Pre-School gymnastics, Sports acrobatics (acrobatic gymnastics), Men’s gymnastics, Tumbling, Rhythmic, Team gym, Double mini tramp & Parkour.