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Goldie the IGA Bear


Goldie the IGA Bear

  • Hi there, my name is Goldie the IGA Bear, but you can call me Goldie. I can’t wait to be your friend and see your amazing gymnastics skills.

    How did I get my name?

    Well, when I first came to IGA, I didn’t have a name, but my friends all came together to find the perfect name for me. So many people put names forward, but it was Grace Amos who picked my final name you can see me and Grace together when we first met at at competition. She felt Goldie suited me best because gymnasts, all want to do their best and try for Gold at competitions. I think it’s also because my fur is more of a golden colour.

    About me

    You mean apart from being soft and cuddly?

    I’m told I’ve got bright blond fur, but I think it’s more of a gold colour and I’m always in a cheerful and sunny mood. I absolutely love Gymnastics, but I can’t decide which apparatus or move is my favourite. It’s so difficult, maybe you can help me choose one. I’d love to be your friend, and come and support you at your club and if you compete, I can come and cheer you on.

    With my legs straight I’m just over 20cm tall, but I can’t stand on my own, so spend most of my time sitting which I can do unaided where I’m around 18cm tall.

    When I need a wash, I only need to be wiped with lukewarm water and soap and damp cloth. But no hotter than 30° C though.


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Product Size: 18cm sitting height Age Recommendation: 36 months+ CE/UKCA marked: Conforms to EN71 Toy Safety Standards Care instructions: wipe down with lukewarm water(30° C) and soap and damp cloth.


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