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Hosting an IGA Coaching Course at your club

What are the benefits of hosting a course?

  • Clubs are not charged a specific fee for hosting the course.

  • Clubs are not charged for a tutor to come to your club to run the class

  • Avoid travel fees and other expenses for your coaches by hosting the course at your club.

  • Club can either receive two free places when the minimum number of paid course attendees are booked on the course. Or invoice for the hire of the club


Things to consider when determining if your club would be suitable to host a course for visiting coaches

  • Is your club near to local transport links.

  • Is your club near to overnight accommodation

  • Is your club near to food outlets.

IGA will consider all course enquiries; however, we cannot guarantee that your enquiry will result in the delivery of a coaching course.

​If you are interested in hosting an IGA coaching course, please complete and submit the form below. Before submitting the form, please consider the following:

  • Before being able to host a course you will need to be signed-off as an approved coaching venue. This can be done by downloading the course venue assessment form.

  • IGA require exclusive access to your facility and equipment to run a coaching course. If you cannot provide exclusive access, please provide details in the additional notes section of the form.

  • Courses must be scheduled a minimum of 5 weeks prior to the date of the course.

  • Courses require a minimum of 60% attendees at least 15 days prior to the course to be able to go ahead. Should a course not reach 60% the course will be cancelled.

  • A club member must be available to open and close the venue as per the course running times, allowing extra time before and after the course.

  • Please make sure you have completed your club safety checklist



  • A course will be confirmed once the course is now live on IGAs digital channels. The person responsible for the booking will be notified via email.

  • When hosting a course, club can either:

    • Receive 2 free places in lieu of hire fees OR

    • Invoice for the hire of the club.

      • Cost of the hire will be done over two invoices - An initial invoice for a £100 non-refundable deposit upon confirmation of the course being booked, with the remaining balance only being invoiced after the course has taken place.

  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances that result in IGA needing to cancel the course, IGA will attempt to reschedule the course at the earliest possible convenience.