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Bulk Membership Option

The Bulk Membership option has been brought in by Independent Gymnastics (IGA) to give clubs a reduced admin option for non-competitive gymnasts.

Gymnasts registered via the Bulk Membership option, will still receive the benefits of the included insurance, but will receive a reduced membership fee based on the number of gymnasts being registered. They will not receive their own membership profile with their own unique membership number.

Clubs MUST keep accurate records of participants attending sessions as they may need to provide further details in the event of a claim.

How does Bulk Membership differ from normal gymnast membership?

Those who are registered through bulk membership will not hold “Full” gymnast membership and would not be eligible to enter any competitions or take advantage of the coach upgrade options should they chose to move in to coaching.

Gymnasts who are registered under bulk membership but wish to enter a competition (club/regional/national) or other event would need to upgrade to full gymnast membership.

Applying for Bulk Membership

Bulk membership is charged in brackets based on the number of gymnasts you are registering.

To comply with the insurance requirements which enable us to offer Bulk Membership clubs MUST submit a list of gymnast’s names and DOB of those being registered under the Bulk Membership option. Clubs must register each new gymnast and cannot change the details of someone who has left for a new gymnast.

Clubs wishing to register gymnasts under the Bulk Membership option must complete our application form

Once the form has been submitted and processed, the club will receive an invoice for the number of gymnasts registered.

Once payment has been received the Bulk Membership list and a payment confirmation will be uploaded to the club profile (accessible via club admins). Should payment not be received those registered under the Bulk Membership option will not be covered until payment is received.

Upgrade a Bulk Membership gymnast

To upgrade a gymnast who has been registered under the Bulk Membership option, clubs will need to contact IGA either by emailing or calling 0345 319 7000


Those registered under the Bulk Membership option will not have their own profile on the IGA portal, to begin the process you will either need to provide us with the Name and Date of Birth of the gymnast wishing to have upgraded membership. You will then need to provide us with an email address. This can either be an email address for the gymnast/parent/guardian or it can be the email address for the club.


With the information provided, a member of the IGA team, will generate a profile for the gymnast on the portal and add an upgrade membership, an invoice for the upgrade will then be sent to the club.

Bulk Membership upgrade fees

The upgrade fee from Bulk Member to “Full” Member will be based on the number of gymnasts.

Conditions of Bulk Membership

  1. Clubs MUST register ALL gymnasts either under Bulk Membership or “Full” gymnast membership and keep accurate records. IGA and our insurers (Bluefin Sport) reserve the right to view membership records at any time.

  2. When registering members under Bulk Membership clubs MUST provide the full name and date of birth of the gymnast this can be provided on a spreadsheet.

  3. Bulk Membership is ONLY for non-competitive gymnasts and does not cover them to take part in competitions or other events such as festivals or displays.

  4. New gymnasts joining the Bulk Membership cannot replace someone who has left.

  5. All classes MUST be run by an appropriately qualified coach and must follow IGA policies.